2 July 2024

GORDON: Goodman to premiere on Nurmes Music Festival in Finland...


3:00 PM


Ikola Museum - Rantola House

  • Kaija Saariaho - Duft
  • Geoffrey Gordon - Goodman for solo clarinet
  • Bela Kovacs - Hommages
  • Takayoshi Yanagida - Madrigale for 2 clarinets
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Clarinettist Hanna Hujanen gives the Finnish premiere of Geoffrey Godon's Goodman for solo clarinet on a program which also includes works by Kaija Saariaho, Bela Kovacs and a duo piece by Takayoshi Yanagida, featuring also clarinetist Harri Mäki, as part of the Musicfestival - Nurmes Kesäakatemia Ja Kesämusiikki.

Goodman is inspired by the great 20th c. clarinetist and band leader Benny Goodman, whose career included jazz and classical repertoire - Goodman commissioned and premiered works by Bartok and Copland, among others.

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