Classical Explorations reviews Mythologies and Mad Songs on Orchid Classics

Puck - fleeing from the dawn from Mythologies and Mad Songs

This very new release of Geoffrey Gordon’s music on the Orchid Classics label caught my attention. Energetic and powerful, this piece is bound up in Shakespeare’s world through an epic tone poem of the wise and mischievous elf, Puck. Fleeting and transitory flickers in the upper instruments are contrasted with thumping percussion, supported by strong and powerful brass statements. Bell-like harmonies that create one soundworld are then quickly ushered away into quickly articulated figures. This is really exciting rhythmic orchestral writing. In fact, the whole album Mythologies and Mad Songs is a brilliant release of new and interesting music. Expertly performed by the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra and beautifully produced audio. I’m going to have this album on loop a while yet.

Shea LolinClassical Explorations